Risk Management

Motor Vehicles

University Vehicles

The University of Northern Iowa participates with other Board of Regents, State of Iowa Institutions in the Iowa Regents Moor Vehicle Self-Insurance Program for collision, comprehensive, property damage and liability losses related to motor vehicle liability up to $250,000 per claim. Losses in excess of $250,000 are self-funded by the State, as provided in Chapter 669 of the Code of Iowa. The $500 deductible per loss is assessed to a driver's department. Refer questions, requests for insurance or certification regarding liability insurance and self-insurance programs to the University's Risk Manager: Phone (319) 273-3189.

Other Motor Vehicles

Excess Liability and Physical Damage Coverage (Non-Owned, Borrowed, Personal Vehicles)

For non-owned (including rentals, personal or borrowed) vehicles, the Regents Motor Vehicle Self-Insurance Program will apply only as excess liability coverage. The University's travel reimbursement program includes a provision for insurance expenses in the mileage rate calculation for person vehicle use. In an accident, the non-owned vehicle owner must look to his/her own automobile insurance coverage as the primary insurance. The minimum amount of liability insurance for personal vehicles is $300,000 for each incident.

The University's excess liability coverage will apply when the driver was an authorized University employee on University business at the time of the loss and the vehicle owner's policy has been exhausted. The $500 deductible will be assessed to the department for physical damage claims.

The University will not reimburse an employee or other private owner or their insurer for any deductible or liability claim paid by their auto insurance policy or for any damage to the vehicle.

In the event you are involved in an accident in a non-owned, private or borrowed vehicle while you are conducting University business, report the accident immediately to the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction.

Reporting Motor Vehicle Accidents

University drivers are required to report any accident or incident of damage related to the use or operation of University vehicles within 48 hours. A personal injury accident should be reported immediately. Accidents involving University vehicles should be reported to the Motor Pool Fleet Manager: (319) 273-2869. Hit and run and vandalism incidents are criminal incidents and should be reported within 24 hours to the UNI Campus Police (319)273-2712 or to the police department having jurisdiction if occurring off campus.

The driver must complete an Iowa Regents Vehicle Accident Report and attach a copy of the police report and completed State Report (S.R. 21 or S.R. 22) if one is required. A State Report is required when the total combined damage to the vehicles is $500 or more or a personal injury is involved. Completed reports should be forwarded to the Motor Pool within 48 hours of the incident.

Motor Vehicle Report - Driver Eligibility

Periodic motor vehicle reports will determine driving eligibility.

  • Fleet manager will obtain an authorization for the release of motor vehicle reports from employees for whom driving is required as a routine part of their job.
  • Fleet manager will order periodic motor vehicle reports on UNI employees for whom driving is required as a routine part of their job.
  • The cost of motor vehicle reports will be the responsibility of the department employing and/or authorizing the driver.

Driver Responsibilities

The University of Northern Iowa owns and leases a variety of vehicles and as a result is exposed to associated risks. Additionally, the University is exposed to risk from hired and not-owned vehicles operated by approved drivers who may be faculty, staff, students or volunteers. All drivers operating motor vehicles on University business are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner and should adhere to the following responsibilities and vehicle operations.

  • Driver must be in possession of and maintain a valid operator's license meeting the requirements of the vehicle they will be operating.
  • Driver must immediately report any changes in the status of their license (restrictions, revocations, suspensions, expirations, etc.) to their supervisor prior to driving a University vehicle.
  • Driver should periodically review the University's Motor Vehicle Usage policy (9.63).
  • Driver should have experience driving the type of vehicle s/he will be operating for the University of Northern Iowa

Rental Vehicles

University of Northern Iowa employees are covered under the Board of Regents, State of Iowa Motor Vehicle Self-Insurance Program for automobile liability, comprehensive and collision coverage while on approved University business.

The National Car Rental Agency is the preferred car rental agency for the University of Northern Iowa and drivers can take advantage of the University of Iowa's contract when using National Car Rental:

  • Use the University of Iowa's discount ID 5004461 (Big Ten Rental Contract)
  • Do not purchase insurance

When a National Car Rental vehicle is not available:

Auto Liability Insurance – If no liability insurance is provided with the vehicle, buy the minimum amount.

CDW/LDW – Damage Waiver: Do not purchase. The Regents Program self-insures this coverage.

Rent the vehicle "To the university by …..(your name)".

Use of another rental agency when National is available:

Check with your personal auto insurer for coverage or purchase the basic liability coverage at your own expense.